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 Gardening Season - The OFCG growing season is March 1 – Oct 31st. All gardens must be planted or be in the process of planting by June 1st with at least 50% cultivated by June 15th. Gardeners must show 50% plot activity throughout the season unless special circumstances exist. 


The Board Recommendations include the following:

1.  Mask wearing and social distancing is a common courtesy and demonstrates respect for fellow gardeners, especially in light of the fact that there are many at-risk members due to age and/or auto-immune challenges.

2.  Everyone should bring a mask to the garden.

3.  Masks should be worn if anyone is working in a garden plot adjacent to their own.

4.  If no one else is in the garden, a gardener need not wear a mask.

5.  Community tools should be used at the gardener’s own risk.

6.  Children must stay in the gardener’s own plot and not be allowed to roam throughout the garden.

7.  No guests should be brought into the garden.

8.  If anyone has a complaint about someone not following these Recommendations, they should report it to the Board.

9.  Failure to comply with these Recommendations will be treated in the same manner as weed infractions.

Please be courteous and wear gloves when touching the locks, gates, and water spigots!

Thank you!

The 2020 Garden Season is ready to begin!  Hopefully you have started

thinking about what you are going to plant!  This year in particular should

afford most of us time to reflect on how our gardens bring us joy, peace, and 

social interaction that we find more than ever a precious gift.  

We hope to see you all very soon - currently at a "safe" distance

Happy Gardening!

Other news:

The Garden Father has graciously shared some online Gardening classes

if you are interested.  Go to:   https://thegardenfather.com/garden-blog 

or to enjoy the You-Tube Video about The Legend of Old Farm Lars visit: